Community Services

Business Name Contact Address Phone
CO Northwestern Community College2801 W. 9th St. Craig(800) 562-1105[email protected]
CNCC Oak Creek (in Comm. Center227 Dodge St. Oak Creek(970) 736-2323[email protected]
First Baptist Church143 Main St. Yampa(970) 638-4622[email protected]
Grace Evangelical Lutheran ChurchYampa, CO (mobile location)(970) 328-6718[email protected]
Routt County Foundation for Seniors Housing120 Moffat Ave. Oak Creek(970) 879-9277[email protected]
LiftUp Oak Creek1000 Grant Ave. Oak Creek(970) 736-1047[email protected]
LiftUp of Routt County2125 Curve Ct. Steamboat(970) 870-0727[email protected]
LiveWell NW Colorado940 Central Park Dr. Steamboat(970) 819-4110[email protected]
Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurses940 Central Park Dr. Steamboat(970) 879-1632[email protected]
Routt County Alcohol Council810 Lincoln Ave. Steamboat(970) 879-7708[email protected]
Routt County Council on AgingP.O. Box 770207 Steamboat(970) 879-0633[email protected]
Routt County Human Services135 6th Street, Steamboat(970) 870-5533
Routt County Humane SocietyP.O. Box 772080 Steamboat(970) 879-7247
South Routt Bible Church23115 Hwy 131, Oak Creek(970) 736-8422[email protected]
South Routt Community Center227 Dodge St. Oak Creek(970) 736-2422[email protected]
South Routt Medical Center300 S. Main St. Oak Creek(970) 736-8118[email protected]
St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church400 S. Sharp Ave. Oak Creek(970) 879-0671[email protected]
Town of Yampa (Town Hall)56 Lincoln Ave. Yampa(970) 638-4511[email protected]
Tracks & Trails Museum129 E. Main St. Oak Creek(970) 736-8245[email protected]
U.S. Post Office129 W. Main St. Oak Creek(970) 736-2494
Yampa Bible Church83 Moffat Ave. Yampa(970) 638-4411[email protected]
Yampa Valley Housing Authority627 Tamarack Dr. Steamboat(970) 870-0167[email protected]