Work in Progress

Under ConstructionPlanned upcoming construction by the Town for 2018 includes replacing a waterline in S Sharp Street between Virginia Street and Williams Street. The Town Public Works Department will be undertaking the work this spring and summer, and there may be short periods of water outages in the construction area. Beyond replacing the water main, Town employees will be completing other work that makes sense to do while the water main is being replaced. This include replacing curb stops where needed, installing some additional storm sewer piping desperately needed in this area, and updating valving and other associated utility infrastructure with an eye to future work that is needed.

The Town is also in the midst of analyzing and determining the scope of the next major leg of our water distribution system update. Current efforts are focused on Moffat Avenue between Main Street and Decker Park. Town and Town Engineer staff are coordinating with representatives of Union Pacific Railroad, Army Corps of Engineers and others to work through the numerous details involved.

Look for more information about these construction projects here and in upcoming monthly newsletters.