Town Administrator/Clerk

Meet Oak Creek’s Town Administrator/Clerk, David Torgler.

David was hired by the Town Board of Trustees as the Interim Town Administrator/Clerk in September 2020 and became the permanent Town Administrator/Clerk in April 2021.  The position is appointed by the Board of Trustees and serves at the pleasure of the Board. 

The Town Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the Town of Oak Creek and is immediately responsible and accountable to the Board of Trustees.  The Town Administrator directs the day-to-day operations of the Town government.  Areas of responsibility include: making recommendations to the Board for procedures regarding the efficient and effective administration of all municipal affairs and carry out policies and objectives established for the Town by the Board.  The Town Administrator/Clerk is authorized to establish temporary positions for a specific purpose and for a limited period of time.  

The Town Clerk performs and administers a variety of statutory duties for the Town including local elections, maintaining an accurate record of all official acts of the Board of Trustees and maintains Town records. 

Phone: (970) 736-2422 ext. 202
Fax: (970) 736-8225