Planning Commission

The purpose of the Oak Creek Planning Commission is to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees based on the Town of Oak Creek Land Use Code and Comprehensive Plan utilizing the mission, values and goals as outlined below.

The mission of the Oak Creek Planning Commission is to identify concerns and facilitate solutions in matters concerning land use and land use changes in our community through open communication and recommendations for administration, interpretation and modification of the Town of Oak Creek Land Use Code and the Comprehensive Plan.

Values: In pursuit of our mission the members value teamwork, cooperation, mutual respect, common trust, honest communication and equal representation and coordination.


  1. To develop our Commission as an open forum for the identification, prioritization and resolution of concerns affecting land use matters and community values in and adjacent to the Town of Oak Creek.
  2. To insure and coordinate the continued administration, interpretation and refinement of land use matters and Land Use Code guidelines.

Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall and are scheduled to be held on the third Wednesday of each month.

Planning Commission Members:

Andy Benjamin – Chair: – (970) 846-0117

Steven Fuller – Vice Chair – (970) 978-9313

Jeff Gustafson – (970) 819-4762

Ciara Bartholomew – (970) 390-5761

Chris Mitchell – (970) 819-2707

Kent Horner – (970) 261-1872

The Planning Commission meets as needed, usually meeting in the spring, summer and fall months, or as long as the building season is going on. Typically, any new building or site plans or changes of use are reviewed by the Planning Commission, who then provide a recommendation to the Town Board for their consideration and final decision.
Vacancies on the Planning Commission occur from time-to-time.  If you are interested in being a member of our Town’s Planning Commission; please submit a letter of interest to the Town Administrator/Clerk at; dropping off your letter at Town Hall, 129 Nancy Crawford Blvd; or, by mail to Town of Oak Creek; P.O. Box 128, Oak Creek, CO 80467.  In your letter indicate the reason for your interest and any kind of relevant background knowledge you have. Only residents of the Town of Oak Creek can be members of the Town’s Planning Commission.

To view recent Planning Commission agendas and minutes,
please see the “Agendas & Minutes” page.

To view a list of general Planning & Land Use forms and documents, please click here.

Performance District Map

2015 Oak Creek Comprehensive Plan

Source Water Protection Plan 2014

Tramway Park Preliminary Master Plan